How To Choose PET or PVC material

For a long time, packaging buyers always think that PVC material is more expensive than PET material , but in recent years, PET raw materials have become cheaper than PVC, and packaging buyers have gradually used PET instead of PVC now.

But not all products can be packaged in PET package. So, which packages can use PET package and which products need to use PVC package?

First let's know their pros and cons.

PET material pros and cons

The polymers are easily available and inexpensive

High strength to weight ratio

Highly transparent and shatterproof

Easily Recycled


Lower heat resistance
PET resins are susceptible to oxidation
Partially derived from crude oils
Not biodegradable

PVC material pros and cons

It is hard and durable.
It can be easily formed. You can find it in many designs and shapes.
It is compatible with machines especially shrink-wrap machines.
It has perfect resistance to alkalis and chemicals.
It features good tensile strength.

PVC poses health hazards as it emits hydrogen chloride.
It is not virtually clear as it has a light blue tint.
It is not usually acceptable in recycling programs.

After their advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude:

More versatility—PET plastic can be thermoformed for a variety of applications. Although the material is lightweight, it is still strong enough to withstand outside elements for many applications.
Safer for storing materials, especially food—PET plastic is highly suitable for packaging food items, as well as retail, electronic and other products.
Increased durability —PVC is a rigid plastic that has some durability. Over time, though, the material may break down from exposure to UV rays—something that is not ideal for packaging materials, especially for food or retail designs. PET plastic, however, is designed to withstand UV rays, making it a suitable choice for almost all thermoformed packaging designs,like blister trays and clamshells.

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